Weird CV out behaviour

so yesterday i wanted to use an er101 channel as a static voltage offset so i patched up channel a with a single step, duration 1 and…nothing on cv a out! the cv output only works with step duration of 2 or more. is this a bug?

Seems to work for me. Just remember to use FOLLOW mode to get tracking even when PAUSED, otherwise you will need to be UNPAUSED.

thanks brian for your answer, unfortunately i still have this behavior regardless of the pause or follow states…with step and steplength = 1 my cv a output doesn’t work.

hi brian, i forgot to mention a crucial detail, the channel has to be in trigger mode!
so it’s steplength 1 in trigger mode = non working cv output!

cheers, benjamin

@odevices can you confirm this is a bug or is something wrong with my module?
thanks brian!

I’ll be away from my test rig for the next week. I’ll let you when I get back to it. If I had to guess, I would guess it is a bug especially if it only occurs in trigger mode.

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I’ve confirmed there is a bug.

Under these conditions:

  • Only occurs on the ER-101/102 (does not apply to standalone ER-101)
  • Only occurs when the track is in trigger mode.

The following bug appears:

  • Output CV does not update for steps that have DURATION=1.