Welcome to our new forum!


I had a great time with all of you over on the O|D Google Group but after awhile it became clear that we needed to move the discussion to a more versatile platform. So here we are! (^-^)y

As before, I will be personally monitoring this forum and fielding questions.

Kind regards


Excellent, Discourse is so much nicer…

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Yes! Clear and nice forum :slight_smile:

Yeah, good move Brian - how do you want to handle existing threads that are ongoing on the google groups on this platform?

Soo much nicer. Well done Brian.

Hello world! Thanks for the forum upgrade and I am so excited about the upcoming firmware update! :smile:


We tried really hard to export the data out of Google Groups but it was just not possible within the desired time frame. Therefore, I humbly request that you repost any threads that you would like to continue discussing. The old forum is still available for read-only browsing, so you can cut-and-paste from there if you prefer. I am really sorry for the inconvenience! :bow:


looks great! Much more refined and clean! :slight_smile:

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nice one Brian, looking forward to not using the crappy google groups interface anymore.


Awesome! Happy to be here:)

Hey folks,

It was myself that has set up Discourse for Brian and I totally agree it is a great improvement.

As Brian has said already, the migration turned out to be way tougher than I imagined (and I knew it was going to be challenging).

The good news is that at some point I do hope to get it working and then I will be able to bring all the posts over. From there Discourse has some excellent tools that will help us organise and merge these discussions where appropriate, lets see how we get on.

So as Brian says, apologies for the inconvenience and please do just carry on and recreate the threads you really like here.

I have admin rights here for the time being and I will try and help wherever possible, if you have any problems with the forum, or any requests then please feel free to say hello and I will do whatever I can - please be gentle!!

All the best and welcome, it’s great to see so many of you here already :smiley:


A perfect companion to lines: http://llllllll.co !


Ahoy! This looks much better. :nerd:

Sleek! Thanks Brian and Kel!

Thanks Brian, nice forum layout.
It’s the same as Elektronauts.


Great this was much needed. Thanks for setting it up

Nice thank you Brian !

I am used to http://llllllll.co as well so i feel like home here !


thanks Brian, i like this format

Just jumping on the bandwagon.
Looks great :relaxed: