Wet/Dry effect mixer

I’m struggling with somethin that should be very easy, and I fixed it several times in my head but when I get to the ER-301 it doesn’t work! The question is: how can I (on most recent firmware) make a custom effect unit that has a Wet and Dry mix. I tried it with a Custom Effect and with a customized Mixer Channel but the internal routing doesn’t seem to allow tapping into the raw input channel, only the output of the entire chain. Is that correct? I feel like there should be an input AND output signal available in the Locals of a unit. Is this a feature request or am I overlooking something?

(For a moment I thought I found it because of course on the Mixer Channel there ís an “input” signal available, but that’s just the entry point to the subchain. Shouldn’t that give us the actual input signal?)

I am on holiday aka away from the 301 but you should be able to have 2 different mixer channels and with one slider cobtrol both faders (one multiplied by -1)

That is correct, and so much I can handle, but it’s the inputs of those mixer channels that I’m struggling with. I would like to tap into the dry input signal in both mixers, and then add the effects in one mixer (the wet channel), then do what you just said: control the level of both with one top level Bias control. But if I’m adding the effect in the subchain, it will also affect the input of the “dry” Mixer Channel, since we can’t actually tap into the dry input, only the general output of the unit. Unless I am sorely mistaken and overlooking something obvious.

Put a Limiter at the beginning and tap the output of that for the mixer channels.


Use a Two Band and set your mixing VCAs to 2x and 2(1-x).


I was writing the same thing but with a VCA (instead of a limiter) for lower CPU usage

This is what I do…

My head typed VCA first but then my heart made me delete it and put Limiter instead.


Haha, what makes a limiter more appealing to your heart I’m wondering? :thinking:

Thanks for the answers all! I think I like the two band option most since the other seems more like a hacky workaround?

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Probably because standalone effects will essentially have a limiter on the input and the output.


I’m probably missing something.

Why a limiter? It doesn’t have sub chains, so it’s not possible to control it from a global/custom wet/dry control on the custom unit.

EDIT: Or are you not referring to the two-band with vca in each band method?

Not referring to the 2 Band.

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A limiter uses the same amount of CPU as a VCA…

Ok, figured that, thanks!

Had to go to the ER-301 to check for the sub chain thing :slight_smile:

That’s very surprising. Was this tested at rest or under stress?!

IIRC @odevices mentioned that most units don’t care about stress. The only exception of the top of my head is the granular units with overlapping grains.

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