What could cause samples to not load with quicksaves?

A while back I posted an issue with my quicksaves losing the associated samples on reboot. I thought I’d figured it out as user error, but now I’m pulling out my hair having to reslice and prepare samples. I have 12 good, working presets that reliably load, but beyond that, all new ones are forgetful.
Can anyone think of things I might be doing wrong? Corrupted card etc? I’ve tried different sd’s, building a new preset from scratch, no success. I feel like the module is gaslighting me😂

I bet it is related to this:

For example, whenever you (destructively) edit a sample, the ER-301 clones it into a new buffer. (Just slicing is not destructive btw.) Those buffers need to be explicitly saved (from the Sample Pool*) because at the moment the ER-301 doesn’t know what to call them or where to put them.

Don’t worry. I have plans to make this process less error-prone. However for now, please look in your Sample Pool and see that there will be a ‘save as’ command over the M5 button enabled for the buffers that have not been saved to your SD card.

(*) Or using menu > Save As from the slicing view.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve definitely applied normalization to these disappearing ones, I assume you mean save as in the slice menu in this case, I’ll have a look and see if this cures it.

Oh I forgot about that menu item. Yes that will work too.

Problem solved!
You called it… all’s recalled properly once I save the samples post normalling. Thanks again, it was driving me nuts.

I’m glad I saw this because this is something i’ve been confused about and I am not sure i am exactly grasping it.

as a use example, say I have 5 samplers loaded up with samples I have edited in various ways, including some with destructive editing, some without (slices only). What would I need to do so that on re-boot, my chain is loaded with the samples the same way I left them prior to powering down?

Just gotta “save as” over the ones you edited destructively. It’s in the same slice menu as where the edit options are

Thanks I thought I was going bonkers with this one!