What do you use all these triggers for?

hi there,
I´m not sure if this is a appropriate thread in this forum, but as here are all the er301 guys i hope to get a good hint from you. (And it’s an absolute noobish question!)
A lot of people seem to be so happy about the adac manual gates module, that i think there must be something special with using manual gates with the er301. I never had the urge to use those, but i might be missing something.
I use the looper a lot, but its also ok for me to handle it with the buttons on the er301. This would be the Situation where i see myself using triggers and where it could have a nice impact.
What else comes to your mind? What do you use all these triggers for?

This is why its also interesting to me:
I have my er301 in a small nice moog 60hp case. Together with a Malekko Voltage Block, a Pico Headphone out, and the 4ms Row power. (by the way: nice to sit on the couch with these, just powered by a battery!)
heres a Screenshot:

I think your answers will help me to decide between those two:

Either a Flipanda. nice cause i would have two more offsets to use. (Mostly as standalone)

or the Push3, a three manual gates modul:

looking forward to hear your impressions!

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I wouldn’t use your remaining HP on manual gates!

Isn’t it possible to use the Voltage Block that way anyway? Doesn’t it send a signal when you press one of the track buttons - so that you can hear what you are setting it to? You can use that like a manual gate by setting the fader past the threshold, I think!

:hushed: omg you are right, of course:-)

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In the End I just try to convince myself that I don‘t need a w/.

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i think that having manual control on multiple gate\triggers at a time might open up a lot of power on the 301. punching in on multiple loopers? opening\closing vcas? etc etc etc…
thanks to the abundance of loopers on this wonderful module i’m starting to look at them by an entirely new point of view. last night i was controlling multiple loopers from the gate out of rené played by hands. it was so beautiful! i was using loopers to add weird tails to my sound because there were delays with delay time controlled by envelopes triggered by the same gate, and the envelopes were also controlling density and size of clouds with the end of cycle of maths freezing the buffer. i don’t know if i can describe it but it was like loopers were only temporarily letting you listen to the last notes before sending them up in a necklace of bouncing rhythms (delays speeding up and being looped) so there was this constant background of dancing sped up fragments of sounds against which i was playing notes that a moment later will become part of that. reminded me of dmt. ooops… :smiley:


I’m curious about your experiences with the ER-301 as an almost standalone device. I am looking into downsizing my rack to the bare minimum around the ER-301 (Rack redesign - Need advice) so I’m interested in the ideal company for our treasured sound computer. What controls or functions do you most miss when playing this?

the voltage block covers a lot of grounds. offset, presets, triggers (somehow), sequencer, and everything x8.
It has it flaws, very big one, but there is nothing like it. and the er301 can clock it.
what am i missing? a mixer module with pan… i know, it does not make so much sense, i can do this in the er301, but somehow i would like to mix outside…

i mostly use this, powered just by a battery, to use on the sofa. or i plan to use it on holidays.
and than safe my work, and work further with it on my bigger system…
so i don´t really miss anything.

if i just had a small system, i would miss some analog mojo. maybe some tube stuff.
if i just would be allowed to have 84hp, it would be the er 301, the VB and some metasonix modules…
so it would be some analog stuff to make sound voodoo:slight_smile:

just wanted to say how i ended this. i got the LPZW. Modules WK2.
Its the perfect module for my case.
It has two channels, one with an attenuator, which is acting when nothing is plugged in as an offset (±10 or 5v. jumper selectable.)
The second channel has an attenuator, offset AND a slew.
And of course can also act as an offset.

The offsets are perfect if i need 2 more controls for the er301, and the attenuators are great if i use the voltage block to dial in notes… which is nearly impossible with the sliders and that its giving 0-5 volts out. so an attenuator can halp a lot.

and a slew… you can never have enough slews!

and, the modules looks beatiful. love it.

here are some pictures:


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The er-301 can give out a clock/ has internal clock??

Please confirm. Would ease up my skiff plan.

Clock unit?/lfo?

I am wondering if there is one place i havent found yet where i could read a list of every single stock unit and effect/utility the 301 houses

Mixer Channel
Linear Bipolar VCA
Linear Unipolar VCA

Sample Playback:
Variable Speed Player
Raw Player
Card Player
Clocked Player
Manual Loops

Granular Playback:
Manual Grains
Grain Stretch
Clocked Stretch

Recording & Looping:
Feedback Looper
Dub Looper
Pedal Looper

Delays & Reverb:
Micro Delay
Clocked Delay
Doppler Delay
Clocked Doppler Delay
Grain Delay

Ladder LPF
Ladder HPF
Fixed HPF
Slew Limiter
Exact Convolution
Deadband Filter

Sine Osc
Aliasing Triangle
Aliasing Saw

White Noise
Pink Noise
Velvet Noise

Skewed Sine Env
Envelope Follower

Mapping and Control:
Scale Quantizer
Grid Quantizer
Sample & Hold
Track & Hold
Bump Scanner
Sample Scanner
Rational VCA

Clock (sec)
Clock (BPM)
Clock (Hz)
Quantize to Clock
Tap Tempo

Measurement and Conversion:
Pulse to Seconds
Pulse to Hertz
V/Oct to Seconds
V/Oct to Hertz

Custom Unit

FM Operator
Octave per Volt



:mage: Awesome. Thanks!

internal clocks yes… but be aware that the 1/8" outputs are NOT DC coupled. You can try and shape a clock signal, but not everything external will respond.

That portable battery is very cool. Is it this one?

Did you need a special barrel adaptor?

Is that the Moog Mother 32 case? The idea of a small, couch friendly system is very appealing.

2000mah battery is really low, I think it would be better to have a beefier one.

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I have the one with 18000mah. All the adaptors are included!
And yes, that’s the Moog case. 60hp. I bought it from a friend.
A bit too expensive when bought new, but I like the shape, it’s a nice case!

Edit: it’s this one i got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00CFHBV5E/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524456690&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=energizer+18000&dpPl=1&dpID=31Zhi-q8EcL&ref=plSrch
But i‘m Pretty sure theses days there are better and cheaper solutions out there!

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Great thank you. Yes the battery I referenced is super underpowered.

I also use the Row Power 40 (have 5 of them powering my full system) and it’s a great power supply. Really versatile too.

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How long does that run your rig for?

Good question, I would need to check… I would say long long long time. I usually just use this in the evening, and I never needed to refill this in months… but on the other side I often use the rig on normal power, so maybe that’s the reason:slight_smile: