What do you use your ER 102 for?

I have an ER 101, ER 301… I really want add the er 102 to the family. But not sure if I’d use 100% of its capacity that’s why I ask you guys how/when do you use it ?

-I don’t transport a lot in my music but it can be fun to start.
-Shuffling an entire sequence like mentioned in this thread
-Saving some sequences from other random sequencers
-Having several variations of a same sequence in different parts and play around with them
are the main ones I’m thinking.

Got a question, I haven’t found the answer:

-Can you control (by CV) the reset point? (Like on a 154/155)

I read the manual and description many times, but, what are the best features for your music?

I’m sure I will discover new ideas when I have it. Some features are still obscur when reading them.

Many thanks!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a customer who planned on using 100% of the ER-102. Just look at the CONFIG.INI file. You will never need all of those options! :laughing:

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Ahah true. I feel ashamed not using 100% of the capacity of a module sometimes. :relaxed:
Thanks. Will check it!

The ER102 allows so many possibilities that I’m still finding new ways to use it - but the transform/group section is super powerful!