What does ER stand for?

As in “ER”-x0x?

Sorry if it’s been answered somewhere. :slight_smile:

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Electronic Radness.

Or EuroRack :wink:

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hehe I’ve been wondering the same thing, but sometimes I quite like to indulgently wallow in ignorance and I never got round to asking :smiley:

EuroRack makes sense… but I love Electronic Radness!

abbreviations.com reveals some interesting possibilities and a few giggles:


And it’s the symbol for the element Erbium :slight_smile:

Any more possibilities?

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I thought maybe the 301st time I powered it up, I would patch something so mind-boggling awesome that someone would take me to the Emergency Room because I was babbling incoherently about it. :slight_smile:

Hehe, maybe @odevices couldn’t think of a name and simply said “Errrrrr… 101” and it stuck?