What is the best way to contact for repair?

Hi everyone,

I reached out to Brian via email last week but never heard back. What is the best way to reach them for module repair?

One of the outputs on my 101 isn’t functioning anymore and I am trying to get it fixed…
I’d appreciate any help!


the forum has been very quiet last couple of weeks. I’d wait a few more days. Try resending the email then. I am sure he checks his inbox often if not on a daily basis. Perhaps he is away from his computer.

best of luck!

Hello there.

I’m sorry about taking so long to get back to you. I’ll reply to your email soon.

A 2022 public service announcement on repairs:

I don’t have and nor can I source all the parts needed to guarantee a successful repair. This obviously complicates greatly the decision on whether to send a module in for repair.

Kind regards

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