What is the next CPU?

Hey Brian,
I’m writing here because I don’t have a direct email…I read that you are postponing working on the next CPU upgrade until we have reached 1.0. I was looking at Mouser and I saw what you meant about the new footprint for the ARM cortex series. I have no experience with SOM, but I am constantly bumping up against CPU with the 301 and I’d absolutely LOVE to have a more powerful CPU.

I’m handy with DIY. Is replacing the CPU with a more powerful one (specifically the Cortex 9 single or dual socket) simply a matter of having an adapter to matches the pinout of the 301, making sure there is adequate power for the new board, and flashing the new CPU with the firmware of the current 301?

If that is the case, can I help with that process at all? Please feel free to email me directly at joel (at) rattletree (dot) com if I can be of help with this while you are focusing on the nuts and bolts of the software side of things.


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