What is Track for in Var Delay?

As per the title, what is the control for?

It’s for erm… you know erm…doing…Nah I don’t know.
Guess It’s to be implemented, can’t assign cv to it!


Phew, not just me then :smile:

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I think it’s how quickly the delay time changes when you change the delay time parameter - almost like an in built slew

hmmm I did wonder if this was the case but couldn’t tell… more experiments needed then. cheers

Huh… sounds like it tracks the pitch of the incoming signal to me!! What else would you track? Although I must admit I can’t work out what the relationship is between the pitch of the incoming signal and what the numbers mean!

Ahhh, no, got it wrong, it tracks changes on your delay time - send a signal to the delay, modulate the delay time, at 0 tracking the incoming modulation has no effect on pitch of the echoes, as soon as you bring the tracking up it will modulate the pitch according to wherever the delay time is.

It’s very nice and fully implemented, it might be nice to have a modulation source there, but absolutely not necessary for it to work, it’s actually quite good fun!!

If you are sequencing an oscillator in the 301, you could send the same sequencer data to the delay time :slight_smile:

Edit: If you send a saw wave to the delay time it gives you nice descending delays, invert the saw for rising delays - you can do the inversion in the gain setting of the delay time.

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Aha, nice, thanks chaps, I shall give that a go this afternoon