What is wrong with this ER-301?

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I am in the market for an ER-301 and have the opportunity to purchase one for a nice price, which… may have some issues…

According to the seller, the module is fully functional; but the image above seems to show that the main display is detached from the panel. How big of an issue is this? Does it appear to be a simple matter of pressing and re-adhering the screen to the back of the panel? There are other cosmetic blemishes with this module, but this appears to be the glaring issue.

Be it new or used, I’ll be joining the community soon (please say hi in my subsequent post(s)!). For now, I’d just like some thoughts on if I’m entering a world of hurt should I choose to purchase an ER-301 with display alignment issues.

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It looks like the display got pushed in, thus bending the metal bracket that supports the display. I’m sure it still works but I would want to straighten that out. That would involve removing the front panel and gently bending it back to parallel with the board.

You could even go further and adhere two strips of 6mm-thick foam along the outer edges of the display bracket to prevent it from happening again. Something that I’ve been doing for a few months now after hearing reports of people’s cats walking on the module.




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Guess what my cat did

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i totally hate those cute, tiny, lovely, unresistable little bastards…
one of the cats that live with me daily walks on my mixer (24 tracks inline) resettin it everytime (mutes, pfl… aaaargh)…

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That’s a boootiful machine.
The suitcase with the cables is also nice.

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