What makes the ER-101/102 compelling?

Having just entered the O|D rabbit hole with a 301 I’m now interested in understanding what makes the 101/102 such a unique combo. I’ve watched the numerous YouTube vids but they all tend to focus on the mechanics of using the 101 rather than the esthetics or philosophy of the approach.

So what is compelling about the 101 approach that set it apart from other approaches to sequencing?

In a word, “precision”.

[The rabbit hole has a pretty short drop. But the wait for a 102 induces the illusion of timelessness.]

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What really sets the 101 apart from all the rest of the eurorack sequencers I’m aware of is the lack of assumed amount of preferred steps or even step lengths. This is a real eye-opener. Sure, one can take a sequencer with a fixed 5 or 8 or 10 or 16 or 32 step grid and just alter the last step but it will never be the same since the step buttons or the grid will be visible, altering the mindset.

As to the 102, it made the workflow too convoluted for me, but it does add to the uniqueness of three sequencing and works for many.

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So composition becomes more focused on the relationships between patterns rather than the overall relationship to a fixed grid. The 102 provides a way to add another layer of complexity in how those relationships are constructed but at the cost of a more complex composition process.

That’s a helpful perspective. Thank you.

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I finally have a rough estimate of when I will have the next batch ready! April 2019.


Brian - Please put me down for one. Maybe by then I’ll have at least a minimal understanding of what I’m doing with the 101 :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know!

Anticipating a “now taking orders” notification.