What to put where

Hello peeps,

This is maybe not such a stupid question, but when I want to drop custom units and many other things from all the bright and fantastic people busy with the 301, I have no idea where to place it on the SD card. I even get errors now when I want to open some units.
I’ll make some pictures and add info later on.

Just saying, isn’t live more easy by just adding on the specific unit or info page Wiki where to put it down on the SD card.

God bless

There is this page:

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OK, At first glance it is not clear because you have .unit files .lua files

Then accents doesn’t work, something is missing I guess. And that is just one…

Installation Instructions
Unzip the contents of the zip archive to its own empty folder inside your ER-301/libs folder. I suggest using ER-301/libs/accents . However, you can use any folder name that you want. The name of the folder that you use becomes the name of the library.

This doesn’t work… well for me it doesn’t :slight_smile:

I’ll do some test tonight.

There are quite a few versions of Accents floating around the forum. You should get it directly from GitHub and you should be sure to download it from GitHub correctly. The correct instructions AFAIK are here:



Thank you kind sir. I’ll check this all out.

Also, in general the wiki pages for all things related to user-contributed content are listed here:


Good luck.