What type of wrench is needed for the ER-101 encoder set screws?

Can anyone tell me what type of wrench I need to loosen the set screws on the encoders of the ER-101? It looks like an allen/hex piece, but it’s tiny! :open_mouth:

The smallest size I have is 1.5mm and it looks like I need something about half that size? But before I order all sub-millimeter sizes I can find, I thought I’d ask. It’s not urgent at all (just swapping panels), but I’d appreciate help at some point.

0.89mm hex for er101
1.5mm hex for er301



Where can I find the right Allen key for a 101 encoder? None of the hardware stores in my area have any that are this small. Any links would be appreciated

Amazon would be the easiest suggestion and where I got mine.