What will you do while isolated?

So many of us are hunkering down and facing a two to six week period where we’ll be at home due to the virus the entire earth is talking about. I’d guess that the people here on the O|D forum might find a lot of extra time to play with their ER-301’s and enjoy some community time where they share what they find while exploring.

Personally, I’m hoping to find some entertainment from our forum buddy @NeilParfitt who should he find some extra time might consider refreshing his wonderful beginners series of ER-301 videos, I’d watch them all just because I know his cat will be making cameo appearances.

I’m also planning on getting deeper into my Teletype/ER-301 setup with the help of @Joe and his amazing series of videos that are now starting to explore the Ansible and TXo/TXi’s too.

Then there’s the continuing anticipation to see the first hint of new firmware in the form of 0.6, though if Brian told us this was 0.9 I couldn’t complain.

Most of all I need to take a break from the news and find some distraction playing in creativity.


I’ll be digging into my new 301 setup and familiarizing myself a workflow of using two 301s with an external sequencer.

Midnight on Thursday I’ll be playing the new Animal Crossing game for who knows how many days straight.


If nothing else good comes from it, it’s a good excuse to spend some quality time with our sound-making machines. I’ve had my rig on all day.


I’ve just spent the last two months finalizing a massive studio upgrade for a whole bunch of pending music contracts, which have now been pushed and delayed into mid-April at the earliest (if they dont get fully cancelled. Agghhh!!!)

I was also 3 weeks into teaching a semester of Synth & Pro Tools courses at a local college and everything has been cancelled. It’s pretty nuts. Some other stuff I was working on, the filming has been halted and entire production crews have gone hiatus with no return schedule. It took an hour and half to check out at a Grocery store a few days back - people are panic buying :frowning:

Apocolypse aside, I’m looooooooong overdue for making some 301 vids! I didn’t get to Hold mode so that’s on the list for sure. I don’t want to redo the .4 guide as it’s pretty much covered everything that hasn’t changed. Any ideas??

In the meantime, if you’re feeling super super super bored - I had a video series on my studio upgrade - which was part fun, part nightmare and part purposely riling up internet trolls :smiley: - also my cat is in it!


I’d say just go with whatever is inspiring you at the moment. I always pick up some new tips and tricks from watching a Neil session.


In a two week quarantine myself, with the wife and our four year old. I haven’t been tested, but we assume it might be the virus. Once I get cleared I’m going out to the front line so to speak, I’m a kind of nurse by trade (disability nurse is the British term for it, though not quite the same), so there won’t be a lot of time for wiggling these next few months I’m afraid. I’m really dreading what’s most likely on our doorstep. Judging from what’s going on in Italy, it’s looking pretty grim.


waiting for my ER-301.


I hope you and your family- and everyone else here- get through this crisis ok.


Looks like my 301 has arrived just in time! :grinning:


Congrats! That will keep you busy and quite entertained for the foreseeable future.


ahhh i have 4 weeks left… can’t wait. Have fun :slight_smile:

I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of my ER-301! It’s been shipped on 10 March but not sure what is happening with that given all the lockdowns and uncertainty

Cheers, Joe, I reckon our little family will be fine, but more worried about the effect on people all around us! Hope you all will be fine too. :slight_smile:

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