What's your most commonly used units?

So I’ve had the ER-301 since the beginning of January and I haven’t found myself using it as much as I thought I would, and maybe this is because there’s just so much to it it seems like an intimidating beast to dive into. I purchased it knowing I wouldn’t be using it too much as a sample player, so I’m curious, besides the sample units, what units do you find yourself using most and to perform what function?

Honestly, I find myself using it just as much for really simple things (VCAs, envelopes, mixing) as I do some of the sexier things. Because it’s so good at it. And you never run out them. Oh, and you get scope displays of your signal for free. Not to mention it’s a great I/O device to the world of line level devices. :slight_smile:

So maybe that’s a good place to jump in without getting overwhelmed?


What @Joe said and it’s very easy to feed any audio in and process it with FX too!

  1. Mixer
  2. VCA
  3. Dub Looper (formerly known as the Sample Looper)

Mixer, all of the above in the sampling category, Grid Quantizer, Limiter

Whatcha using the grid quantizer for to make it a top used unit, @tomk?

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Oh nothing crazy, just adding some hair to audio signals (credit @NeilParfitt :+1: )

(TBH I’m not sure what the grid quantizer is “correctly” used for
edit: I assume for quantizing any cv value)

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Don’t know that there is a “correct “ usage. It’s a modular after all. :joy: When you need one, there it is!

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