Wheel broken?

I received my er301 yesterday, and after playing with it for an hour the wheel refused to work…
Even after several power down and ups…
Hopefully it’s not broken?

no one means… its not normal. shit…:frowning:

No, that’s not normal. What a bummer to finally get your 301 and have a problem with it.

I’m sure O|D will help you get it sorted quickly.

Maybe I try to update the firmware… as far as I can see I have a 0,2 firmware on it, maybe putting an older on it would solve the problem?
Luckily the “update firmware” sign is on the first page and no need to scroll…:-/

You have to scroll to choose which firmware file to load. You could put just a single file there so you don’t have to scroll. It’s worth a shot, I guess, though I’d try putting the latest (0.2.16) on it. Far as I know though, there was never a firmware version that caused the encoder to stop working.

I’m sure Brian will have better suggestions. Think it’s the middle of the night in Japan, though. :slight_smile:

Ah, ok. Yes I wrote him yesterday, but no answer so far… will try the new firmware!

I’m sure the minutes feel like hours right now, but O|D is very responsive.

Have you tried the simple hardware stuff, like re-seating the power connector, trying a different power connector in your case?

yes, i disconnected everything else, i installed the latest firmware version on it (v0.2.16). nut nothing worked.
Of course maybe i should try a different power solution, but i doubt that this is the reason, it all worked in the beginning…

Bummer. I kind of doubt it too if everything else is working. To me it sounds like the encoder hardware itself failed very prematurely. Wish I had some more suggestions for you. I’m sure O|D will help you out soon.

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Sorry to hear this, hope you get it fixed soon!

Can’t think of anything to try beyond what’s been suggested already, but my brain is fried, been working all day and only just got home… I haven’t had much time to spend with my modular recently, seem to be spending a lot of time building modules for folks - which is nice!


You could check the set screw on the jog wheel. If it’s loose, the knob will spin but won’t actually turn the encoder. You can use a 2.5mm hex driver to tighten it. How do I know this? I spilled beer on my ER-301 during a jam session with some friends and had to completely disassemble it for cleaning :astonished: Luckily it was OK!


@Evs, apologies for the time it took to get back to you. And apologies for the encoder problem! As far as I know this has happened only once before (to @christiankeller74) and in his case it turned out that the circuitry inside the encoder was somehow fried thus requiring the encoder to be replaced.

I’ll pm you with further diagnostic information and instructions.

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@resynthesize tanks for the suggestion, but the encoder sits tight. i took ot away just to see, but that was not the problem…:-/

@odevices ok, sent you some pictures!