When can we expect the 301 to reach "maturity"?

Sorry for the slightly slutty title, don’t get me wrong, by that I’m wondering if there will be an end to the ongoing development that has been taking place for the past what, 3-4 years now?

What is there to be left on the 301 before Brian and this community can consider this amazing instrument to reach a point where we all feel we can move on happily and let him create the next mind blowing thing?

Just curious, loving my 301, would like to hear what @odevices and everyone thinks.



There are only a few things I still find myself wanting. I would love a more lush reverb algorithm. I’m also excited for the deeper dev access. It will be interesting to see what other people make and what they prioritize.

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I think now that the firmware development has moved beyond v5 there’s a chance that by July 2022 you’ll be working with a complete tool.

I did notice recently how quiet the forum was for reporting bugs, troubleshooting methods and how few requests there are for clarification of this parameter or that feature. @odevices has established a firm foundation, included many features, requests and modifications in pursuit of building you, me, all of us the tool we want.

July 2022, bet he’s got it circled on the calendar.

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As for me, guess I’m not really bothered by whether I’m working with a “finished” firmware. It feels very rich, mature, and fun to work with today. And then occasionally we get the gift of it being able to do something new that it couldn’t do before. I’m pretty happy with that pattern. :wink:

I’m sure I’ll be happy with the 1.0 firmware too, whenever we get there.


That is more or less my feeling. My rack is built around its capabilities, meaning any weaknesses I think it has is taken care of with other modules.Even if development stopped now I would still be very satisfied with my purchase.


I’m not bothered at all, I guess the overarching question is: will there ever be an end to that module’s development.

In its current form the er-301 for me is a finished product, after fm v0.5 what’s next? :slight_smile:




haha, damn alright that’s a lot to come! :grin:

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I don’t think Brian is planning to do every single thing on that list, but it gives you an idea what else might come.

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Has Bryan ever considered finding away to add CV outs. I know a lot of people have asked about it, but I haven’t seen a response. I personally would love CV outs. I have the Ensemble Oscillator and would love to be able to feed the pitch CV to the ER-301 so it could output a corresponding CV for the Ensemble Oscillator’s scale input… I feel like their would be an endless utility to manipulating CV and outputting it to other modules.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him comment that this is on the radar. Personally I think we’d be more likely to see a different module that is more of a CV Computer than to see the Sound Computer get CV out capability. But that’s purely a guess on my part.

I think the only CV output capability we could fairly ask would not require any hardware changes or expansions.

The addition of an I2C-polled CV sampler unit would fit the bill. It could be “transparent” i.e. pass its input straight to the output. Then an I2C message from a leader unit like Teletype or crow could cause the ER-301 to respond with the current value at the unit.

Without lower-layer access, I believe this is currently impossible for a user to implement. @odevices have you considered such a unit? I would be happy to work on the Teletype development side of this equation!

Would this be all over i2c? The 4 main outs are ac coupled.

Yes, it would have to be entirely via I2C.

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" * drum kit player (i.e. multiple one-shots in parallel)"

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YOWZA! :+1:t6: