When will the ER-101 be available?

That is a great news! I will order a 101 and a 102. But i can’t order at the moment on you’r website. When the order will be opening?
Thank you :wink:

I’m still waiting on some parts but I expect ER-101 orders will reopen in mid to later April.

Love the workflow of the 101/102 combo so much that I may have to get another pair to dedicate to the 301!

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Thank you Brian. I hope you will receive the parts on time! :yum:

Update: I got another communication from the display supplier telling me they expect to ship the first week of May. So we are now delayed to early-May at least.

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arrgghh!! must be patient!!

Patience is difficult when we desire something so badly…it’s only made easier knowing we are waiting on something of a quality that makes waiting almost tolerable.

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Month after month after month…

My rack isn’t finished without the ER101/102 combo…



But when?



ER101/102… jump right in! …where now only blind panels mark the spot.

Early May has come and gone and now the supplier is saying beginning of June. So I’m throwing my hands in the air, and assume “indefinite” from now on until the parts are actually in my hands. Sincerest apologies to everyone who is waiting but I don’t think I can give out anymore estimated dates.

I guess I should be glad that I didn’t take anyone’s money based on a supplier’s shipping date. Dodged a bullet there.


It’s out of your hands, apologies should be made by the supplier… and a big xmas package :package:
Thank you for keeping us informed.


Haha. You have probably waited the longest Jacco and you have been really cool about it. Thank you.

I’m just not nearly big enough of a customer to get apologies or xmas packages from suppliers. On the contrary, I will probably have to try bribing the supplier with an expediting fee to get at least a partial shipment quicker.

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You’ll definitely be getting some though? I’ve ordered the 102 in advance, going to be a bit rubbish sitting on it for months while it waits for its brother! Still happy to wait if it will come one day. :slight_smile:

The next batch of ER-101 is definitely coming. All the parts have been paid for, so one way or another I will get it out the door.


I also ordered a 102 in advance but I’m happy to hear that the 101 is definitely still happening! (my 102 isn’t shipping for a long time anyway).

Plus, this gives me more time to come up with $$$ for the second set of 101/102 :blush:

It isn’t my sale but there is currently a 101/102 pair for sale on muffwiggler

Phew! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip…pinged the guy!

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The last parts needed to build the ER-101 have finally arrived and thus I have reopened ER-101 orders. :tada: Unfortunately, the lead time is still at 8 weeks (from your order date) since the ER-101 will share the production queue with the ER-301 and ER-102.

Thank you everyone for your patience!