While i wait for 301 orders to reopen - questions about starting setup with 301 as the heart of the system

Hi everyone,

My Eurorack journey will start with 301+101+102, and while waiting for 301 to reopen orders ( xD ) i was looking/reading/watching videos for a long time (4 months already) and came up with this :


Did i miss anything crucial? Case will be Tiptop Mantis for now; mixer will be external. The 2x Plancks is basically 8x VCA with a “bonus” of keyframing them if i so desire.

Oscillographic block + Bricks will do my percussion, while 301-101-102 will be my voices.

Batumi, Maths, Rampage will give me modulation, and ill fill the gaps with o_C.

Pams gonna be clocking everything and dividing the clock as needed.

How do you feel about it : )?

Two things come to mind that you might want to consider:

One of the 301’s best friends is the humble offset. I’d recommend adding something like a Shades besides the Math’s two center channels for that purpose.

You have very ‘dense’, technical modules – Pamela’s New Workout, O_C, 301 are, at least, pretty menu-driven. That’s not a huge issue especially with the 301, as you can just save your favorite setups in a quicksave, but it’s something to take into account. You might at some stage start hankering for envelopes with knobs/sliders, oscillators with dedicated knobs, things like that.

I had very dense modules side to side, and I’m now slowly learning I want simplicity, too. So it’s been a bit of a shuffle with my case :slight_smile:

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Wow…nothing like jumping in at the deep end - that’s going to keep you busy/happy for a very long time!

+1 for what @joskersaid.

The only other thing I would suggest is a little touch of analogue; a colourful filter, a more characterful VCA, a modulatable EQ, a juicy wave multiplier, or something to process your audio.

I wouldn’t worry about it, just the 101/2/301 combo is going to take a good while to wrap your head around, start with those and see what you’re missing after 6 months or so perhaps?

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Hehe, i’ve been on some shows with moog / pitsburg etc and i personally think analog is a bit overrated (maybe my hearing is not so good). The thing is i want to be able to make a full song from start to finish (not only a jam) so digital has much more options in much smaller space. It’s my 2nd hobby (i mainly paint :slight_smile: ) so i don’t want to spend tons on it but i want to get as much as possible with as little money as i can throw on it.

My dream goal in like 2-3 years ~~ https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/611088 . Almost all digital :).
For now i have around 5k usd for everything so i’m trying to min/max the Mantis.

I hope you can understand me a bit and don’t take offence.

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You have good taste :slight_smile: Really like that selection. And FWIW, my rack is almost entirely digital – just a few analog filters.

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Not at all, personally I can’t stand the Moog sound, except the Werkstatt - for some reason that one works really well :slight_smile:

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Do show, im curious :slight_smile:

Projected rack looks great - but I would expect it doesn’t end up looking like that hehe :smiley:

If it was me I’d be hard pushed to resist the rest of the Drezno subsystem when it appears for example! That thing still fascinates me somewhat, but I just can’t bring myself to commit to it…

A couple of thoughts for you, all opinion :slight_smile:

  • You’ve got a lot of doubles. In my system, the only exception for me on this is something like Shades/Triatt for mixing/offset/attenuation. Probably my favorite pairing with modulation and the ER-301. Maths and Rampage seem very similar - I would pick one and get something else that’s really different (Just Friends?) I would also reconsider the 2x Plancks for that reason. Also, despite what everybody says, you don’t need a million VCAs. :smile:

  • You’re committing to quite a bit to start - maybe get a couple of the must have modules first and go from there? Just the 301+101+102 will keep you busy for a long time.

  • Seems less fun to commit to specific roles for each module, specifically the ER-301 + 101/102 being for voices only. Although it’s good in the beginning, it might make the system boring after a while. You’ll probably want to try the ER-301 for percussion too.

  • Think about an analog filter or 2?


You ment Lipsk ? I was considering it really hard, the problem is there is really no video/demo to convince me to it. I watched some vids of Drezno alone and that did the trick…

Yeah, and the there planned modules, there’s going to be a whole series of them apparently - really very, very cool - one of the most interesting developments in euro in recent times imho :slight_smile:

I agree with everything @jonny says too! (I pretty much said very similar things hehe)

From my understanding -
Maths is mostly used for CV processing (plus tons of other funcions, some of them Rampage does)
Rampage can derive triggers/gates from CV (plus tons of other funcions, some of them math does)

Just Friends - seems nice at a first glance! thank you. ill need to watch some videos on that.

Plancks can be a VCA/Atten and is keyfrayable. I can use one as pure VCA, and use 2nd one as Keyframes for modulation change. its the most VCA funcions in 8hp i found basically xD.

for 301 - voices can be many things right ? samples, custom units, straight VCOs : ) thats the magicks. And ofc i wont use 4 all the time.

Thanks for your input guys :slight_smile:

Projected (No, I don’t have Plaits yet :smiley: )


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yeah pretty similiar in concept :slight_smile:

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The ridiculous thing about the ER-101/2/301 combo is that you could pretty easily write full songs with just those! It wouldn’t even need any sample preparation beforehand, you could generate everything from scratch.

Oh… wait, almost, you would need an external clock! So add Pam’s NW and you’re good to go!

That might be a nice challenge actually :wink:


haha thats exactly what im gonna do for start : ) you read my mind.

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Personally, I think this is an excellent way to start your rack - you may find you don’t even want anything else :wink:

you know how it is with hobbies : D they tend to expand exponencially. i started painting 2 years ago, now im looking for a place to paint because it started to impart daily life of the household :wink:

I’ll look intro drezno system then; might be really nice for logic/programming functions without getting to write for teletype…

If ill have outside mixer do i need 8 VCAs ? maybe i can scrap one Plancks and VCA “on mixer” ?

My preference is to stay away from these new miniaturized modules as they all seem way too small to be pleasant to use. I mean, if that thing is completely patched up, are you going to be able to adjust any of those tiny knobs?

Ah okay, well this is an issue that will become visible after i play with it, but you have right it might become an issue ~ thanks.