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While i wait for 301 orders to reopen - questions about starting setup with 301 as the heart of the system


Well that spent an hour, how many hours till ER-301 orders are open again? :joy:

Sorry, couldn’t resist - I know how frustrating it is waiting!!


its already march T_T… wheres the buy button :face_with_monocle:


If you haven’t seen it already, this post is worth reading so you can understand how the process works and why orders are not just open all the time:


Thank you, i already read it, i even sent mail to Brian himself :slight_smile:


I can’t tell you how great it is that you are using the 301, 101, and 102 as the core of your eurorack system. You are going to be richly rewarded for it! Just excellent! I honestly think that O|D modules have a much higher return on their investment than over, well I’d say 95% of the other modules out there.

You really just can’t go wrong with them. Welcome on board!



Since everyone is talking racks with 301’s, I’ve been wanting to get some outside thoughts on what I’m building. Here’s what I have so far:


What’s not seen on the MG page is a Deluge for sequencing purposes and an 0-coast which fits in as an analog voice/CV utility. The blank panel is a placeholder for the forthcoming tetrapad expander that is apparently in the works.

The upper row of 1u switches and att/offsets seems logical, but they haven’t been purchased yet so I’m open to suggestions there. And I haven’t got the Disting mk4 yet either (and thanks for all the previous feedback in the other thread) but I’m feeling like it’s smart choice for it’s multipurpose in a small kit especially as a MIDI-CV for extra CV output from the Deluge (though admittedly I’m concerned the module has to much depth to fit anyway, ha!).

So the real question is what to put in the 14hp of empty space in the bottom row and to a lesser extent the empty 4hp in the top. Originally I was thinking a Pamela’s New Workout, but it feels redundant given the sequencing/clock functionality of the Deluge, I’m wondering if there a missing piece that might make more sense. Some other kind of oscillator voice? An unusual modulation source? Filter? Distortion?

Would love to hear the opinions of the generous folks here who have logged some serious hours with the 301 might see as useful additions. :slight_smile:


i’d get mini o_C & Pam’s & Plancs ~~~ o_C can be sequencer, envelope, turing, quantizer and many other things. Pam does clock, euclidean rhytms and some other functions. Plancs can be 4 VCA’s that you can manipulate over time / automate with keyframes. I think that would fit this mini case.


https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/611222 -

After researching more about 301 - 101 - 102 on the yt/web + your advice here (thank you all again!) I’ve decided to get rid of maths + rampage + batumi and put in control forge + satellite + planar 2.

Control forge + Satellite will do almost everything and at the same time much more then maths+rampage in less space.

Killing batumi hurts a bit, but considering how everybody says (and videos tells a lot too) how great “playable” offsets are with 301/102 i’ve gone for planar2 , and i can drive LFOs from other places in this system.

I’ve considered Filters/Effects as you said, but the ones i really want are really grand/big in HP space, and i’d much rather get my head around as much modulation/patching as possible 1st and go for “instant gratification effects” when i have the basics in my head. I’m still in love with how Morpheus /Magento /Rainmaker /Mosgatron sounds but let them be “reward” for wrapping my head around this beast. I still think that Oscillographic Block is kind of a instant wowzer by itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said - any recommendations for outside mixer :wink: ? around 500$ would be great! Thank you again.


Your decisions to go with CF, satellite, and Planar is an upgrade, and I’m happy you see that! I think you’ll be very happy with it!!

I’m using an OT to “mix” but I’ve seen a lot of people use the KMI solution. Forget the name, but it is a solid piece of kit. Here is a link:


Pretty useful device.



i for myself am a huge fan of maths and not only for complex stuff. it is the best source of percussive envelopes i ever tried. i never tried control forge and i’m pretty sure it is more than capable of every kind of slope but i personally like to blend complex digital modules like the 301 with immediate, effective and easy to tweak modulations like maths.


Reckon you could use the 301 to generate a clock if you used a really short and loud click


Yes! I haven’t plugged it into the 101 but this does work elsewhere so see no reason for it not to :slight_smile:


now that i have all of the OD stuff a question - how do i set up sine osc to track perfectly with 101 ? when i use 12tet straight from 101 into 301 sine osc i cant get it to track correctly (according to tuner…)