Who is going to save the screensaver?

Just wondering if there was other options for the screensaver?
I find it quite intense brightness wise. would be nice to have much less bubbles, like no more then 10?
Something minimal would be nice or better yet maybe the screen saver could just display the outputs oscilloscope style?
I know it may not be a priority but it would be nice to have more options such as the slow or fast option.


You can essentially disable the screensaver by setting the necessary idle time to 1 day in admin > System Settings.

I am with you…

The bubbles (in my opinion) don’t exactly complement the beautifully restrained esthetic of the overall design of the er-301


good to know it can be “disabled”!

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Thanks for the quick response. I am aware of the option to disable the screen saver but i do like the idea of having one.
As @laborcamp says:

It would be amazing to have something more restrained and on point with the OD aesthetics.
maybe one day :blush:

That’s funny. I thought I was the authority on “OD aesthetics”. :smiling_imp:

Serious hat back on. Your suggestions have been noted and when the time is appropriate I will try toning it down. Probably sneak it in to v0.5 at some point.


Oh Brian you are indeed the authority on “OD aesthetics”, no doubts there.
But if you could tone it down a little that would be greatly appreciated!!!

+1 for less intense bubble action. I often jog the wheel to stop the screensaver because the bubbles are too distracting. Dimmer, slower, less bubbly bubbles would be welcome!

The bubbles are lovely. Supplement rather than replace, please.


%100 of authority rests with you.
My comment was based on some (way) earlier exchanges we had regarding Tufte, and general design objectives/efficiency, information resolution and a special kind of beauty that emerges from restraint and attention to detail/function.

I wonder what a screen-saver would look like if Tufte had designed it?

I was pondering this for a moment, and wonder: would a single vertical line scanning the screens from left to right at a moderate speed accomplish all that a screen saver needs to accomplish? Not saying that this is what it needs to be, but just trying to think of what a “minimal” screen saver would look like.

Again: deferring it all to your esthetic authority!

And as always: grateful for all your hard work.

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I didn’t expect a serious reply to my tongue-in-cheek quip but I think you are probably right, Tufte would probably just use scanning lines but I think they would have to be diagonal to be effective as a screen saver.


Load random messages of our choosing from a text file? e.g. for Oblique Strategies, or other diversions?


I would much rather have an oscilloscope as a screensaver, come to think of it. The bubbles are funny, but also a little gimmicky. I’m trying so hard to keep up my reputation as a serious musician while producing bleeps and fart sounds, the bubbles just give me away instantly :sweat_smile:
If while saving your screen, it could also give some information about what’s going on at the same time that’s a clear win, much like the screensaver of O_c does. I’m actually waiting for that screensaver to kick in.


I like the bubbles but yeah an oscilloscope would be cool or maybe a spectrum analyzer.

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I just realized an oscilloscope would be a poor choice for a screensaver, if you’re trying to save your screen from an idle module for example. No sound no movement :neutral_face:

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Solution: a tiny oscilloscope which bounces around the screen like a DVD player logo :laughing:


Make the bubbles crazier! CV controllable!!! :wink:

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I think that’s such a great idea

CV controllable screensavers are not possible. Only a deity in human form can possibly create them. It (probably) won’t every happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bouncing bubbles substituted for The O|D logo or ASCII cats or ASCII cats playing with the O|D logo :smiley: !Unknown


CV controlled ASCII cats - I see an expansion module just with a screen for CV controllable ASCII cats…