Who is rocking two er-301s?

I played a show last week which largely featured the 301. It was acting as a complex looper, granular processor and sampler all at once. Probably the best show I’ve ever put on (it was mostly just wurlitzer 200a and the 301) but I did run into some pops at the very end of the performance with the cpu at 81%. This got me thinking that two 301s would be really powerful and could free up one of the units for looping and processing.

Is anyone here using two? My main concern is that I’m underestimating how complex and confusing it could get but at the same time I find the unit so essential to what I’m currently doing and think that having two fully patched up would allow me to create a whole album of material with one big patch.

Also, just fyi, I bought a pair of the Ladik arcade button/manual cv modules and they are a dream with the 301.

Apologies if there’s already a thread about this.

A new updated processor that we could pop on the back would be even better. :wink:

Wonder if this is still in the cards for the future?

I’m rocking two in my live battle rig. It’s an amazing playpen. One for sounds, one for processing.


2 here too, absolutely transparent, no problem at all it’s just more of the same - highly recommended!

There’s no way I would ditch the second even if the processor SoM was updated either :slight_smile:

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I don’t know… with 2 ER-301’s I’d have a hard time deciding what my favorite module in my case was.

Ambiguity is the devil’s volleyball…


Dang. Double Teletypes too! That’s one heck of a live rig my friend.

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in my mind!! YES!

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Plus a set of Telex TT expanders per teletype? I2c dream

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I would like to see what’s in the bottom right of that case @Burn :slight_smile:

Here you go! I’ve just pulled a Morphagene and Rings out, and added the Verbos CO


Beautiful rig!

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Yep - that’s super fun!!!

Very well done :smiley:

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Is the device at the bottom the new device from Monome?

On a completely separate note, I’m curious if it would be possible to connect two or more 301s as additional workers. When in this mode, the screens on the worker 301s would be blank, or maybe display that they are in a different mode. Or maybe they allow you to configure the jacks specific to that 301, etc.

This would allow you to double, triple, etc. your processing power for the 301. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete linear expansion. it could just be that the first couple of chains are done on the first 301, the next couple on the 2nd, and so on.

You could argue that you can do this already just by using 2 or more as separate units. What I’m of course talking about is one chain that spans all of your interconnected 301s. You could even use the ic2 port for this.

Not sure this would be a good enough reason to do all this work, but what do you all think?

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Yes, Norns. It’s really good.

how is it rocking 2xTeletypes? I have a gut feeling I’ll be going down the 2x er-301 route and well the gate/cv power between the teletype and er-301…

is one teletype driving the other (can this even happen). Is managing two of them difficult?

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My main reason for having the doubles is because this is a ‘prepared’ system for a particular project I’m working on. It’s 100% generative but using synthesised guitar sounds and samples of real-world instruments in the er301. The teletypes control the generative parts of the system. The system I’ve written is quite complex and can only run 2 ‘voices’ per teletype, so the double tele is necessary. It works great as a whole instrument for this particular purpose - building music making worlds that you seed with a basic idea and the system gets on with building fully fledged tracks.

Ive had the TTs a long time so I’ve got a really big script library now and hardly ever code any more. Just choose an appropriate script and start using it.

I cant recommend the telex expanders highly enough either. It’s so simple to load them up with controllable LFOs, loopable envelopes, quantizers, random sources, clock manipulations.


Hi, can I use 2xER301 and Sweet sixteen at the same time?
Chaining I2C with three modules.

My brain is telling me there’s seven of these in my rack…

I experimented with it and it worked fine with 2xER301 and Sweet Sixteen.

I set the I2C address as follows.
ER-301 A: 0x31 (slave)
ER-301 B: 0x31 (slave)
S16:0x34 (master)

Even if the same port is specified, I2C will be broadcasted,
so I could send at the same time.

How did you split the master’s signal?