Who's going to Knobcon?

Any of my fellow ER-301 nerds heading out to Knobcon in Chicago next weekend?


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Maybe Friday? Working Saturday/Sunday :expressionless:

Man, I wish I was! Even have free lodging while there as my brother lives in Chicagoland. Maybe next year!


yep yep. this is my 4th year going to Knobcon. i’m bringing the 301 and mimetic digitalis in a pulp logic lunchbox for hotel jams.


Skipping this year. Planning next. Will definitely bring a case next year. Not too happy about the “jam room” this year. You are expected to “jump in” and play at a set BPM provided by the organizer. Definitely preferred playing the curated performance with my DevilBoxer buddies last year.

Yes! Checked in for my flight already–will be there Friday around noonish. Still haven’t decided if I’m bringing a case, but thinking about a Moog 60HP case with an ER-301 and maybe the FLXS1. I’m trying to build my first custom unit–a quad spatializer, so it would be nice to chat about ER-301 stuff.


Really love the MD—such a well-designed module, and so many options in a small package.

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I won’t be able to make it this year but would be interested in seeing any photos, etc. !

I had planned on going, but have two other trips this month (one fun, one business) and just can’t make the time. Next year hopefully.

Driving up tomorrow morning. If you’re interested in grabbing a beverage and discussing the finer points of modular design, hit me up.

the MD is so well thought-out. you can tell all the design iterations paid off.

@NeilParfitt nice to chat with ya at the con. I see there’s a Teletype for sale over a MW if you want to continue exploring from where we left off on the ER-301 integration :grin:

Yeah man!

Hrmmm…im going to hold off until my cases are finished :smiley: