(Wish Granted) Show Total Slices when Slicing To Grid

I think this has been mentioned before but I couldn’t see a Request.

When choosing Slice To Grid, I would find it very useful to know how many slices were being created - much more so than the time in ms between slices.

This would be especially useful when cutting up breaks or using ‘sample chains’.

I realise that there is now Multi Select, but I would prefer to work with single WAVs containing, say, 16 or 64 one-shots - and be able to choose exactly that number of equally sized slices.

It’s something I wish for every time I use the 301.

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Yeah, it’s also a tried-and-tested way to chop up various “pre-existing” loops – usually it speeds things along quite a bit. It’s been on the MPC’s, the Octatrack…

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+1. I thought I was missing something here. I’d also like shortcuts for slice to grid: 8, 16, 32 etc.

May I propose that we make this a separate function called “Slice to Division”? I believe it is not just a matter of showing the number of slices but also quantizing the grid to an integer division of the selected length.


I’d love to see and use a slice-to-division function!:+1:

Sounds good, although I don’t fully understand how the two methods would differ. :thinking:

Thanks to @odevices for including this option in build 0.3.23