Wish: Math operation for moving boundary between steps

One of my favourite features of the ER-101 to create rhythmic variations is moving the boundary between adjacent steps (hold DURATION button, change DURATION value). It would be awesome if there would be a MATH operation for that (MOVE/SHIFT?) – affecting the selected and the following step.

This way it would be way more playable, especially when using the Group Transforms of the ER-102. I know that I can achieve the same result with two combined Groups and Rotate, but this is not very intuitive and takes a lot of time when I want to change the selected steps of the Group(s). With a MOVE/SHIFT DURATION Math operation you could just select an Euclidean mask and apply the rhythmic variation to these steps.

Any thoughts?


Mh, no response at all?

It’s obvious that most people here are more interested in ER-301 topics. (Not that I’m not, I’m just focusing more on exploring the ER-101/102 for now.) One reason is probably that there are way more ER-301 users than ER-101/102 users?

@odevices Brian, I know that the ER-101/102 features/firmware are considered more or less as final (apart from bug fixes) and that you are focusing more on the ER-301. So does it make sense at all to post ER-101/102 feature requests like the one above?

Yes, it makes sense. It’s just that the ER-101/102 interface is quite dense with lots and lots of interdependencies. So it takes awhile for me to think through the ramifications (from the point of UI and hardware resources) of each feature request. I just haven’t had the time to say anything more substantial than “I’ll put it on the list of candidates to think about for the next firmware release.” :blush:

Oh and by the way, can you confirm that you aware of the ability to invert and copy group memberships?

Thanks for your response – and yes, I am aware of it. I don’t understand though how invert could help here? Wouldn’t it be rotate instead…?

  1. Select some group steps, let’ say in Group 1 – and apply MATH Duration ADD +6.
  2. Copy group 1 to Group 2 – Rotate (forward) by 1 – apply inverse MATH operation (Duration Add -6).

But as said: Having the possibility to apply all this by just one simple MATH Group transform would make it much more playable, right? :wink:

Good point :slight_smile: Now I know you are not selecting steps for each group individually which is what I wanted to confirm.

I agree that it certainly sounds like it would simplify this particular operation but I still have to consider the ramifications.

I just saw in another thread that there’s an “under consideration” list:

Could we also add this one or are you still considering the ramifications? :wink:

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