Working in Stereo - Clarity

Hi Brian,

Was working today in stereo (usually I’m mono and process on the outside to squeeze more cpu juice out it).

I was finding it visually misleading with source and effect containers having the ‘left’ and ‘right’ labels above the function keys as they both take us to the same chain vs. taking the user to the left or right side of a chain (which I’m guessing isn’t a thing).

I suggest having the left/right text labels over the scope in the same way global chains visually look, and have a single ‘open’ at the bottom to take the user into the unit,

Relating to stereo, it would be amazing to have a mono input source/stereo output mixer. At the parent level, stereo thru and stereo out, and within, a single input source and mono processing chain, tapping the stereo out at the panner.

This all came about when I was attempting to make a clean self-contained M/S encoder and decoder within a stereo container (with processing between stages). It became messy very quickly and was tricky keeping track of additional open VCAs to gain stage when doubling up inputs that required a single source in a mixer.

In the end, for now, I abandoned it and instead successfully made it using Ch1 and 2 as M and S, and the decoder on a stereo ch 3.4. I’ll take another crack at it though,


I believe this is relevant here:

v0.4.25 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Unit Chooser > Stereo-only units were listed in Recents even for mono chains.
  • ENHANCED: Mixer Channel > Renamed to Mix for mono chains. Split into 2 different units for stereo chains, Mono Mix and Stereo Mix.




Thank you as always for your incredible work and congrats on bringing .4 to stable!

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Noticing when grabbing a local stereo source using the mono mix, it defaults to the left side. Is there a way to grab the right side if needed?

The side assigned will depend on which channel you have focused via the channel buttons.

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I feel like the more features you add, the more I forget! :exploding_head:




Hey there!
Not sure it’s the relevant thread but you’ll tell me folks, let’s go…

How can I use mono inside a stereo/linked pair? It always polarize it left or right…

Ex: on linked pair 1/2, mixer 1 got a mono synth using the shroeder allpass (so mono)
and mixer 2 got a raw player with stereo samples…
linked pair 1/2 goes to a stereo mixer in linked pair 3/4 (used here as a “mixing desk”).

Could it act as ableton does with mono, making “stereo files” or double mono even with actual mono?

Hope this is making a little sens…
Thanks for your help,
this shroeder allpass is great!!

Latest os there’s a mono source mixer for Stereo chains. Has a gain and panner.

Hey Neil!
I feel bad, I don’t understand
“Mixer Channel > Renamed to Mix for mono chains. Split into 2 different units for stereo chains, Mono Mix and Stereo Mix.”
Where do I find this mono mixer for stereo chains?
I’m running V0.4.20

You will find it in v0.4.25. Make sure to follow the special update instructions since I broke the usual firmware update procedure in v0.4.20.

What? I wasn’t up-to-date?
Shame on me!!!
Many thanks both of you for your patience

Worked like a charm!!
Many thanks again