Wrapping a sequence

Am trying to do the following using ER101/2 and wondering if anyone has an idea.

I really like the generative feature on the Copper Traces Seek. On it you can have a sequence evolve within a scale by adding/ subtracting/ both a random number of semitones to a sequence step. This in turn can be done with a probability so that there is a 25% chance each time the step is fired that this will happen. It will also be set to evolve so the transformation can be saved the change to the sequence so it evolves over time. You can also configure the reset in to turn this on or off.

I think it should be possible to do this with the ER101/2 through some combination of groups, random gates and modifiers.

One thing am wondering about is whether you could “wrap” the sequence so that it doesn’t go out of range. In other words if you get to 99 and add N you end up at N-1 instead of over 99. This way the sequence could evolve indefinitely.

Any ideas?

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I can’t try this right now…

But some of it is certainly achievable. Saving though can’t be automated as far as I know so that won’t be possible.