Written Tutorials?

Are there any written tutorials for basic operations, e.g. setting up 4-8 instances of sample playback from triggers (a drum machine) and saving that as a template?

I’m asking for written tutorials because I’m not finding the videos to be of much help. The early ones that I’ve watched are out of date (what’s on the video doesn’t match what I’m seeing on the unit), and stopping music making to scan through a long video to try to figure something out is a time and inspiration killer. The same info could be pulled up with ctrl-f or just eyeballing a written document much more quickly.

Honestly the lack of written documentation (the wiki is no substitute for a manual or even an introductory guide) is for me the single most frustrating thing about the ER-301. And not just for me. The guy who sold it to me sold it because, and I quote - “I feel like I’m spending all my time figuring it out, and none writing music”. I am feeling the same way.

Any help appreciated.

Oh dear…I hope you read the warning about there not being a manual before buying the ER-301? :fearful:

Do the following 2 sections of the wiki help at all?


Also, I have noticed that when a user is not interested (or just doesn’t have the time!) to learn the UI from the fundamentals up, then they tend to be continually frustrated with the ER-301. This (i.e. not having the time to learn yet another UI) is totally OK in my book :wink: we have to choose our battles, right? However, things are changing so much from firmware to firmware still. So if you only learn to use the ER-301 via following steps in a recipe without understanding why you are doing each step, then the next time the firmware changes (and it will change many times yet) you will be lost again.

So (for now) instead of producing a manual (or writing tutorials) that are obsolete in the next firmware, I’ve decided to provide as much support as I can via this forum. So if you have any specific questions about the UI then please do ask. I’m here to help.


I found Neil’s video’s super helpful and once I got my head around the architecture, it was pretty smooth sailing! I spent hours and hours each day learning it though but that was more digging in and seeing what it could do while I was learning new features. It’s very modular so it can do many unexpected things that you thought it may not be able to do.

Your samplers for instance, once you’ve built one, you can now just copy and paste as many as you like (until you max the cpu). Nestle each sampler instrument into a mixer and then save that row of mixers and you’re done. :slight_smile:

@odevices I did look at those wiki pages. Thing is, they don’t actually explain how to do anything. There are no entries I could find for “how to add a unit” or “how to save”. Once I can actually do something I’m sure the high-level discussion there will be helpful, but right now it’s like throwing a calculus textbook at someone learning Algebra.

And yes, I don’t have a ton of time to learn a new UI, but if I can do one useful thing with the er-301, I can build from there. Right now it is just inert. I couldn’t figure out how to load samples into a sample playback module yesterday, for instance. (Wiki, sample pool - “There is currently no text in this page”). And couldn’t save my work, so tomorrow or this weekend, I’m starting over again.

@rdomain How do you build a sampler, how do you copy and paste and how do you save that work as a template? That information would be super helpful.

No problem. Let me point you to a few sections on those pages :wink:



If you focus the “header” area of the player unit (either by moving the arrow with the encoder, or, pressing the soft key underneath it), you will get this pulsing up arrow. That means you can press the soft key again to open the unit menu. All units have this menu but the contents will differ depending on the unit.


In the unit menu, you will see the 2 commands that you want: Select from Card and Select from Pool. Try the Select from Card command first.

And then there is a small tutorial here which touches some of the basics:
(However, it may be slightly out of date.)

i’d like to give you a suggestion:
given that the 301 interface is VERY intuitive i suggest you just dedicate a couple of days fiddling with it, trying things out, experiment with the various modules instead of rushing to fit it into your actual workflow. a very good way is to click the contextual button under pretty much everything as well as pushing the enter button on everything, see where they bring you, try to understand the structure (going inside one level, then hitting the up button to go out one level etc…)

also, may i ask how much you know sound synthesis in general? because there can be two different problems: 1)not knowing the 301 interface yet ; 2)not knowing exactly what to do with basic building blocks. (not implying anything here, just asking).


I’m a new user as well and would second @odevices suggestion of the How to build a simple synth voice tutorial. That was a good way to start getting a handle on the UI.
There are still a few things I’m trying to get a handle on in terms of individual units, but going through the above is (I found, at least) good way to get a handle on the flow.

3rded. I’m a new user aswell, that tutorial mentioned definitely helped me get going with the basics. plus some of Neil’s videos were helpful despite the different GUI. He even has a few video’s addressing the new firmware/GUI.

I agree with hyena; spend a few days playing with it, going through some videos, etc before you dedicate effort to building your own thing. Also, prior knowledge in modular synthesis (or max/msp even) is a massive bonus which is one of the reasons why I’m really digging this module.

The wiki contains a lot of the fundamental stuff. Keep digging! :+1:

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@hyena I know a good bit about modular synthesis and have experience with hardware samplers. Because of that, I guess, I fail to see how a device that requires days of fiddling with and going though videos before being able to play a fucking sample can possibly be described as intuitive, let alone VERY intuitive. But intuitiveness is subjective, so whatever. I get the gist of the replies here - there are no written introductions, none are forthcoming, and it’s just a matter of muddling through until some kind of light dawns. It’s obviously my problem and mine alone, since I’m the one who doesn’t find it VERY intuitive.

Thanks @odevices for pointing me the right direction, at least.

Oh here we go… we got another one!!

Sick to the back teeth of abusive crap on the internet… might be time to wrap this forum membership up too!!

Goodbye everyone… it’s been fun but I simply can’t take any more shit!

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I shouldn’t try to speak for Kel so I’ll try to share this with you from my perspective. @BanjoSausilito I feel that @anon83620728 is right here and that he and I are on the same wave length.

Your volatile anger demonstrated in your italicized “play a fucking sample.” is crass, vulgar, and inappropriate on a forum where you’ve been a member but five days and posted three times. The lack of civility won’t only rub @anon83620728 wrong, it rubs me wrong too and while I wanted to say something before he did, he had the guts to say something first.

There are those of us who enjoy a civil discourse and are genuinely trying to help one another, you apparently are too angry to pick up on that vibe. I see that it wasn’t good enough that there were seven replies to your original question and so now you try hostility.

Please reconsider things and how you represent yourself.

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Don’t get me wrong I am guilty of this kind of crap in the past too, but it is time for a change and O|D has always been a very chilled out place where this doesn’t happen.

I believe in the joy of learning about synthesis and the fun of making music, it’s a wonderful pastime and it saddens me to see folk getting angry over something that should be pleasurable and fun, really.

No doubt now I will be accused of being a shill for O|D, that I am a bully and that I am repressing freedom of speech and that I am saying that people are not allowed to be challenging… yeah, yeah… whatever, heard it all before… it’s the saddest most paethic crap I ever heard in my life not to mention interminably boring… I mean could you be any more depressing… I’m done!

Sorry, but I have too much going on in my life and come here to escape the crap, not read more of it that just irritates the hell out of me. Maybe that’s my problem, but so what, whatever, I need to find some other ways to relax and enjoy my spare time, that’s it.


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@anon83620728 you weren’t even on the thread but you jumped on to accuse me of being a right winger? And to tell me to cancel my forum membership? What the hell…It wasn’t a personal attack or some sort of right wing nonsense, so I’m not sure what you’re in arms about. Some frustration was expressed and I’ll try to restrain that impulse. But I’m not going to run away when some one jumps in and tries to bully me off the forum. Seriously.

Back down @BanjoSausilito NO ONE accused you of being a “right winger” or even hinted at something like that. It was purely about your choice in addressing your peers.

You don’t need to address anyone in particular in a thread as there are many people here who are reading every post in the hopes of learning something them self or they might be able to help someone else. Isn’t that the nature of forums? Nobody want’s to bully you and on the other hand no one wants to see you bullying others either.

Another option is to search through the forum here, as a lot of the 301’s developments have come about through members’ active dialog. I understand that doesn’t necessarily address your concern of accessing the information you’re looking for quickly, but it’s kind of where we are at right now, considering the 301 is approaching v0.4x firmware release, and won’t be considered “official” until v1.0.

@BanjoSausilito - I can see where it would be frustrating if you aren’t getting your bearings right away. I got my bearings by watching hours of Neil’s videos (but I enjoyed doing that while I waited on my 301 to be built). How intuitive the 301 is probably depends on each individual’s experiences. This isn’t an ordinary euro module where all the things it does are all predefined at the factory. It’s essentially a programmable digital signal processor with a visual programming language, in eurorack format. And because of that, there is complexity.

This forum is a friendly place. Just ask whatever you want to know, try to not to get frustrated, and someone will help get you the info you’re after. After you get a few basic navigation things down and get a handle on a couple of key units, I think you’ll be off and running and enjoying your 301.

Did you figure out how to play a sample? If not let me know and I’ll type some instructions.

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@BanjoSausilito I do believe comparing the ER-301 to a hardware sampler will result in expectations that will frustrate because the ER-301 is not really a hardware sampler (in the traditional sense) but is more of a patching environment with sampling capabilities. In other words, it’s a lot closer to Reaktor, MAX/MSP, Pd then it is to an MPC or Octatrack. So I think when people say the ER-301 is intuitive, I think they mean it is intuitive compared to other patching environments. It is definitely NOT an intuitive hardware sampler. There are other (more task-oriented) modules that deserve that distinction over the ER-301.

Anyway, I hope you report back with any problems you had with your next attempt to create a sample playing patch. Since you are quite experienced in synthesis already, hopefully the majority of your frustrations are just due to a single central misconception (often the case!) that we can tweak and you will be on your way.


You guys are right, I just need to calm down and dig in. I don’t have experience with MAX/MSP, PD etc. so that’s probably what the hangup is. I do appreciate your willingness to help.

(Also, any further discussion w/ kel or unity2k can take place in private messages, if it needs to happen at all. No need for it here).