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WTB: 101/102 People's Choice


Wasn’t sure if this was allowed or not, but got a friendly thumbs up to do so, and I certainly won’t be making a habit of it. Looking to buy a 101/102 combo of the People’s Choice variety and am exhausting the resources I know of to find a pair used before purchasing new. If anyone is looking to sell, feel free to DM me on here! I’m located in Chicago. Thanks!



Nothing to do with me, but I think his sort of thing is cool :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen a 101/2 combo available for quite a while now, I’d just bite the bullet and go for the new!

…but hey you never know - good luck!

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Thanks! I have a terrible lack of patience when it comes to gear, but chances are I will be ordering new soonish (unless someone comes through!) :slight_smile:

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You’re already getting a bargain new as they’re ~20% cheaper for you over there than for us guys here in UK/EU as we have to pay import duty and VAT on top!



Wow! That is significant. I feel like I should be sending you a thank you card!

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I have a er-101 er-102 combo up for grabs in London … er-102 is nostalgia panel though.

Drop me a line on info@elephantaudio.org if you interested.





E-mail sent!