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WTB an ER-301 (Stolen module :( )


I need a er-301 and can’t wait 7 weeks as I’m moving with my family to another country. let me know if you would like to sell yours.

I’m willing to pay the price of new as long as it’s in great condition.



What country are you located in? And how quick do you want this?


I’m from Israel and would need it to arrive within a couple weeks. Can pay extra for fast shipment.


Btw, be aware of UPS!! I just “received” a used 301 I ordered. To my surprise, instead of getting a module, I received wet kitchen sponges in the box!!! I know the seller, so someone stole it during shipment


:scream: please let us know how this situation pans out. Outrageous.


Will do, but I know I will never get the module. Best case is to get the money from the insurrance after going thru hell.


It seems like an odd item to steal because 99.9999% of the world’s population would have no idea to do with an ER-301. So I’d think the ease of moving it would be pretty low compared to other small consumer electronics.

But anyway, sorry to hear about this - that’s a total bummer. Hope the pain of the insurance claim is minimal.


totally agree, extremely weird! let me know if u see a 301 on eBay for a $100 :wink:


I’m willing to pay the price of new as long as it’s in great condition.

unfortunately, these ERs seem to sell far beyond their factory price |: not ruling out my obsession (and financial foolishness at that time), but i payed around 950€ (~1100 usd) when i bought mine second hand from austria a year ago…

keeping my fingers crossed for you (and @odevices to conquer this shadow economy at some time :))


Wet sponges :dizzy_face: If you PM me the serial number I can keep an eye out for it.

Far beyond factory price? I don’t think so. :thinking: That is the price everyone in Europe has to pay when purchasing from me directly. Your cost looks like a few euros less than the official price plus VAT.




Correct, 950 is a fair second hand price for a module that has such excellent support and build quality. And NO waiting list, that’s a bargain :slight_smile:


(:face_with_hand_over_mouth: i usually buy without VAT, so my math was a bit off indeed… didn’t mean to complain!)