Wtb er-102 (us)

Just got an ER-101 (PC) and really want the real time record and parts capability of the 102.

PC had an ER-101? Crazy

PC - People’s Choice panel. I got it directly from Brian last month.

Did you mean Perfect Circuit? Funny enough, I believe they did list the 301 and 101 briefly a few years ago, if I’m not thinking of something else. But I don’t think Brian has sold through a third party, so maybe it was something that fell through.

Perfect Circuit did list it, but I would be surprised if they actually fulfilled the orders. I buy a lot of stuff from them, and was surprised to see OD listed, as I had just got my 301 from Brian at the time.

From 6/3/17 on archive.org. Look under Brand and it shows Orthogonal Devices. The actual page wasn’t archived but it still shows a record of the brand.


Yeah I didn’t realize you meant people’s choice and I read it as perfect circuit haha

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