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WTB ER-301 in the US

Hello, I purchased my ER-301 and then patiently waited 2 months, was expecting a shipment in the next few days, but then the world exploded. I’ve gotten my refund from OD, but is anybody selling a 301 inside the US? I’m willing to pay a premium for a mint unit at this point, but preferably not 2.5 times the original price, like the current listing on Reverb.

I have been in the market for one for a while and one was on eBay in “mint” condition for $850 + shipping ($22) only a few days ago. It was up for maybe 10 minutes before it was gone. My stupid self had to send a message asking how long they owned it for instead of just buying it.

Now all that’s left is a $2,000 one on Reverb :frowning: