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WTB ER-301: Pre-order limited?


Oh great to know that the bottleneck has finally given way - congratulations - you must be very happy to finally get everything again :slight_smile:


Ordered – although i’m domestic (jpn) so not sure if/how I made it in this batch (no check out cart). Not the end of the world if I need to wait until the next round though.


Guess I’m going to learn how to solder :sweat_smile:


Ordered!! Fantastic… Can’t wait.


It’s really not that challenging if you know what you’re doing with a soldering iron, if you are unsure I would highly recommend asking someone else to do it for you or practicing on some thing else first!

Also, I will do this modification for anyone in the UK - and further afield I guess, but then postage doesn’t make much sense, it gets expensive quick!


Hey, congrats to you guys who have been waiting. Very exciting!


The 33 units are gone. Thank you everyone.


bloody hell that was quick!


Damn that was quick alright. Were emails sent out to let folks know? I didn’t get one, missed out on this batch but eagerly waiting the next one!



33 new 301 users in the world is a good thing - congratulations to @odevices :smiley:


Yes, an email was sent out. There is a mailing list for notifications on ER-301 restock events. You can sign up over at the store:



I gave my email to be alerted a few days ago but didn’t receive an email alert either, @Ypsi_Kid.
Wonder if there’s a way to confirm that we’re really on the mailing list.
Would hate to miss out a second time.


Have you checked your junk folders?


FWIW I did receive an email.


I did check my junk folders and I did not receive an email. I came to the site over the weekend and signed up.

I’ve signed up three times now, hoping I see the next email.

Ypsi Kid


I’m with you on that one @rbhansen - definitely don’t wanna miss out on the next batch. Low and behold PayPal was a bitch today and I ended up ordering 2 ER-102’s by mistake. Waiting on Brian getting back to me about this gaffe!

Been one of those days, was hoping to order the ER-301 along with my 102 today. Next batch!

Ypsi Kid


It is possible. Google Sites (where I host my site) has apparently recently changed how they handle embedded HTML which caused all kinds of trouble with the PayPal integration. Perhaps the MailChimp integration was affected also? I’ll check.


So it does look like that the subscription form has not been working. I’ve fixed it now but based on my subscription records, it looks like it stopped working on or around May 12th. So if you signed up after that, or, you did not see the following screen after pressing the SUBSCRIBE button:

then please try subscribing again. Additionally, I’ve configured the subscription process to now require clicking a link in a confirmation email that is sent to you (i.e. double opt-in).


Thanks Brian, appreciate you looking into this. I think I ran into the PayPal issue as I somehow ended up purchasing 2 er-102’s… I only need one!

I’ll sign up again on the mailing list. Cheers.

Ypsi Kid


Somehow I managed to resist buying a third 301 and instead satisfied myself with one of the new O|D Deep Dive Embroidered Sweatshirts - pure class - they look absolutely fantastic!!