Your wavetable oscillator building procedures?

What’s a default procedure to create an oscillator and modulate it with single cycle waveforms ?

you could put this in a mixer or a mixer within a custom unit for tons of flexibility…

but at at it’s simplest, load up a single cycle waveform into a sample player, and then assign CV control to pitch.

That CV chain could be a combination of pitch CV + audio rate FM. Whatever you want to do it! :slight_smile:

So the way of emulating analog modulation is via the speed control on the sample player ?

What do you mean by analog modulation?

If you want to draw analogies between the Sample Player unit and a typical VCO:

speed <–> Linear FM
V/oct <–> Exp FM (calibrated for 1V/oct)
shift <–> Phase Modulation
trig <–> Hard Sync

That’s exactly what I wanted to mean :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m not being clear enough … I’ll be testing this tomorrow !

Actually, this one is not quite true because the shift parameter is only sampled and applied when the player is triggered.

Wiki gold! I notice the wiki is just kind of a skeleton other than the excellent walk-through from @anon83620728 and @NeilParfitt’s getting started videos page . Is it OK to go ahead and create pages and populate them with small/incomplete (but great) content such as this so it doesn’t get lost? Reformat/restructure later?

These things get easier once they get a bit more established. Just didn’t want to step on any toes.

It’s probably wise to hold off for the time being, Brian and myself are sorting out the conventions to be used, there’s a lot more to it than may initially appear and everything there needs to be consistent and use the right terminology, graphics etc… :slight_smile:

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If a person wanted to simulate wavetable interpolation (interpolating wave shapes between two single cycle wave samples), can anyone imagine a way to approach it? Or a relatively convincing approximation of it?

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I would probably try cross fading between them by modulating VCAs in opposite directions. I think this would just be an approximation vs. actual interpolation. Best I can think of at the moment.

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Any more thoughts on this, Joe? I only ask cos I may be selling a fair amount of eurorack, and the module I anticipate missing most is the Piston Honda. I’m not saying we need 16^3 different wave forms to interpolate through, BUT

Maybe my maths is off… I’ll brb

What was the question again? :wink:

We have the Single Cycle oscillator now, which is a true wave table oscillator, so no need to try to approximate one anymore.

Just sample the waveforms from the PH that you want to keep if you’re looking to downsize a bit?

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Yeah true. I was asking about interpolation as jasonw22 suggested i think

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Gotcha. No need to approximate or simulate it anymore. The Single Cycle unit offers true interpolation.

That post was from 3 years ago before the Single Cycle unit existed.

Also the PHMKIII waveforms are freely available from the IME site, on the PH product page. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ahh single cycle, not single cycle

thanks josker, worth thinking about.

Hello all

Because of a drone patch idea published on MW about 12 years ago concerning the STG Wavefolder in particular, I fell head first down a new rabbit hole. Have to admit the experience was a lot of fun and I now have a better understanding of why attenuation can be so useful in patching.

So then I realised applying the same patch example to the 301 could be fertile ground for not only recreating drone but also push the boundaries of my knowledge, appreciation and fluency of and with the sound computer.

The single cycle osc is the perfect unit for a beginner and you can stuff it full of wave shapes and scan to your hearts content. The question I have though is this. Is there any way I can view a waveshape before enabling it. It’s possible to audition the sound of a file but not scope the shape.

At the mo my workaround is to load 100 waves and then go into edit buffer to look around and go from there!,

Otherwise if you have any tips or ideas patching drone inside the 301(no cables required) i’d be very keen to hear from you.


put this in a mixer

hi, is this in effect what wavetable oscillators are, two (or more) waves of the same length being lowered/increased in volume?

feeling slow.