Zelda overworld theme on the ER-101

Thought some of you guys might appreciate this. I used it as an exercise to cement my understanding of how to enter different durations (triplets, dotted eights, etc) on the ER-101 and dust off my music reading :slight_smile:

A post shared by Brandon Tallent (@resynthesize) on Jun 11, 2017 at 1:56pm PDT


Ah that’s rad! Koji Kondo!

Is one of the parts an octave down? Also the odd rogue note - was that the oscillator not tracking properly?


I wish I could blame tracking on the odd rogue note, a much more likely explanation is my crappy transcription skills. Thanks for the listen!

Cool - all at the push of a button :smiley:

Niiiice! :slight_smile: Loosely related (although not O|D related, so I apologize in advance):

wow, that takes me back! so much good music from that era.

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Totally agreed!

hah still sounds wicked!