Zorlon Cannon and ER-301

Are my two new best buddies!!! What an awesome pair… I’ve hardly spent any time with these two together, but it’s like those two friends you know independently of each other who meet at a party and instantly hit it off!


Cool. Could you go into a bit more detail?

It’s a bunch of shift registers, you seed them and they output crazy shit that repeats :smiley:

I just seen you liked my jam on the music thread, thank you :blush:

So, I guess you heard what it can do; I’m well happy, seriously wicked module - pure magic paired with 301!


Thank you! Looking forward to hearing more ZC & ER-301!

I’ve been thinking of renaming this thread to ‘Zorlon Cannon and the ER-301 - or how I learned to stop worrying and send the ER-301 triggers at audio rate’ :atom: